Catering Supplies Socket Mop Head PY 12 Red

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JanSan® Socket Mop Head PY 12 Red has a thick absorbent yarn for smooth areas and everyday use is available in four colours enabling a colour coding hygiene system. This Plastic socket mop head has unique polypropylene sockets that attach to standard sized wooden mop handles by simply pushing and securing with a nail.

They will screw their own thread and even take a wooden handle, however, the best fit is the push fit mop handle. Overall, Socket Mop Head PY 12 is easy to remove and a longer lasting choice for mopping.

Features & Benefits
- This socket mop is an economic mop used in many schools, hotels and for mopping floors in public areas.
- This standard sized 12 Plastic Socket Mop is a long life mop ideal for daily mopping tasks.
- This socket mop has a Plastic socket and polyester yarn.
- Cotton mops with colour coded plastic mop sockets.
- PY is a thick and absorbent yarn, ideal for mopping smooth areas and everyday use.
- Size: 12 / 200g

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Colour: Red
Size: 200g
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