Catering Supplies Premium Black Refuse Bags

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Unit : 200 Sacks

Our fantastic, super strength Black Sacks are ideal for industrial use, due to their high gauge specification. They offer a tear-resistant puncture-proof design, and provide a large carrying volume with approximately 20Kg capacity.

A popular liner, with fantastic value for money at 200 liners provided per box.

Black Refuse Sack 18"x29"x39" 15kg- 200 Bags Per Box

Bin Liner Specifications
- Colour: Black
- Quantity: 200 Bags
- Capacity:15kg (approx.)
- Size: 18"x32"x39"
- Litre Size: 120

More Information
Uoi: 1
Duoi: 200 Sacks
Colour: Black
Size: Medium Duty
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