Opal Granular Salt

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Dri-Pak Opal Dishwasher Salt Granules will remove the lime scale from your dishwasher easily with these Opal Dishwasher Salt Granules. They help to give you high quality cleaning results by replenishing in built water softeners.

Dri-Pak Opal Dishwasher Salt Granules Features and Benefits
 - They ensure that your dishwasher and water softening unit will remain at their optimal performance to last for longer.
 - Opal Dishwasher Salt Granules  granules help to soften the water and will protect against lime scale from occurring.
 - These salt granules are of the highest purity and do not actually go into the wash chamber but remove calcium deposits in the base of your dishwasher.
 - They periodically backwash the water softener unit in the base and regenerate it by using a clever ion exchange process instead.
 - Cares for your machine – You can keep your dishwasher running for longer and at optimum performance.
 - Lime scale protection – Keep those calcium deposits down and your dishwasher free from lime scale.
 - Specially granulated – This works to eliminate the damaging effects caused by hard water by softening it.

Dri-Pak Opal Dishwasher Salt Granules Specification
 - Made in the UK
 - Weight: 2kg
 - Dimensions: H17 X W17.5 X D8.7cm

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Size: 2kg
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