Catering Supplies Microfiber Cloths Green

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Microtex Microfiber Cloths are so effective that in most cases they do not require the use of cleaning chemicals to get the best finish. Microtex is a all purpose cleaning cloth for all hard surface cleaning. Available in Blue, Green, Red (pink) and Yellow. Size 40cm (16") x 40cm (16") How to use WET 1. Remove all packaging from your Microtex cloth 2. Wet the cloth in warm water and wring out very thoroughly. 3. Fold your cloth into four, this gives you eight clean surfaces to clean with. 4. Now by applying a little pressure to your cloth you are ready to clean. 5. Whilst cleaning, the millions of tiny split fibres in the cloth will remove any greasy marks and stains. 6. For more stubborn marks and amp; stains add more water and apply more pressure. How to use DRY Your Microtex cloth can also be used dry. Simply remove all packaging and again fold into four . Now when cleaning and the static created by the dry cloth will collect all the dust and leaving a sparkling dust free finish. Washing your Microtex: Your Microtex can be simply washed by rubbing surfaces against each other in water. This will remove a large proportion of soil. For deeper cleaning, wash the cloth in a machine or by hand. DO NOT BLEACH OR USE CONDITIONER, this will destroy or clog up the millions of tiny fibres that make your cloth work! Specifications are subject to change. Images are for guidance only and may vary from the actual product appearance.

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Uoi: 1
Duoi: 10 Cloths
Colour: Green
Size: 40cm / 16"
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