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Keeping hands clean and eliminating germs is essential in food preparations areas, so make sure your staff complies with hygiene requirements in the kitchen with a choice of Hand Sanitisers, Antibacterial Soaps and Skincare Creams.  A clean washroom environment is also important to prevent the spread of germs in your workplace. Here at Catering Supplies, you ll also find Hand Sanitising Wipes and Wet Cleansing Wipes.

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An Unclean kitchen or washroom will create an unhealthy situation for users, with the areas prone to breeding bacteria and viruses, in order to address health and safety regulations and other relevant legislation, it is important to make provisions for the maintenance and supply of Washroom Products. A clean kitchen and washroom environments as well as guaranteeing an inviting and pleasant environment for your employees and visitors, it will also make sure your employees, customers and visitors leave the premises with a positive view of your company, which in turn will aid staff and customer retention.

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